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Coming from a world where men are synonymous to macho, and pink should rarely be worn, it is hard to believe that a grown man can cry-that giants can gently weep-that the safety of men can be found in the Male Ego. When four giants engage behind messages and rhythms of spoken word, the result is monumental.

The Freudian topic of male ego is probably the single most used excuse to explain the chauvinism of men. On movies, they are warriors, defenders, and champion lovers. In the news they are oppressors, abusers, and attackers. In break rooms they are cheaters and liars, a mean boss, or a runaway father. It goes without surprise then that four dynamic men would decide to tell a different story; a story that challenges everything thought to be known about men, to expose the man through his male ego. They do just that by creating a synergy of music and narrative to pioneer a remarkable translation of the trials and tribulations of manhood. These men explore the myths and preconceived notions about growing to become a man in a multicultural America.  

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